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S*Lönnebergas Corvair Sebring Spyder                    Pedigree



Playing on the kitchen floor with her son Zorro


Our fantastic female Bizzy. We got her from Lönnebergas cattery outside Gothenburg. She is so full of life, curious, friendly, talkative. Absolutly adorable!


S*Håkantorps Astrix



Astrix is our cozy, cuddly wonderful norwiegan forest cat. He is absolutly perfect in our eyes. Also in the judges eyes - if he wasn't so small. He is the best male cat in our home. Bought from Håkanstorp cattery outside of Lund.





Dåtty is our house cat. She was born in our house but was all alone when her mother died when she was 6 weeks old. We then got Astrix to "raise" her as a brother. It all worked out perfect. They are so good friends!











Margareta Wallentén

Vittnesgränden 35

226 47 Lund