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Welcome to our homepage!


Hallongrottans Turkish Angora in the south of Sweden is a small family style cattery with one female turkish angora,Bizzy. We have just neutered our female and has no plans for the future for new litters.


We have decided to keep Señor Matador, aka Zorro, in our family. He is in love with our daughter so he just has to stay.


Zorro, 10 months old


Zorro 8 months old


Matador 6 months enjoying the sun in our garden.


Matador with our NFO Astrix


The remaining three just before I took the girls to the airport


Exploring the fun of water!


14 weeks and starting to be teenagers - sleeping all day, playing all night


13 weeks old and full of life!


12 weeks old and playing with a feather


11 weeks old celebrating their fist christmas


A normal day with 10 weeks old kittens!


9 weeks old, playing and exploring everything



Camaron and Matador, still available


8 weeks old kittens, tired after playing with each other.



Now 7 weeks old



6 weeks running all over the house!



5 weeks old cuddly kittens.



4 weeks old they have now left the box and are training their legs by running everywhere.



3 weeks old, exploring the world, playing with each other, being just unresistable



Flamenco 2½ weeks old



Flamenco 2 weeks old


S*Lönnebergas Corvair Sebring Spyder with her third litter, one week old.










An association for 
everybody interested in Turkish Angora and
Turkish Van.




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Autumn is in the air - and so is love!


Carmen Amaya is expcting babies with
Ch (N) Veslegard`s Feyyaz at cattery Vonimp on New Zealand.


Her sister Estrella Morente is pregnant with
Ch (N) Veslegard`s Feri.


Both litters are due in november 2009.


New pictures of Zorro.


Updated 09-09-13


Happy Midsummer to all of you catlovers!


New pictuers of Matador, aka Zorro.


Updated 09-06-21


Carmen Amaya is the Best TUA in New Zeeland!


Read more here.


Señorita Florita won her first EX1 in Malmö, april 19, 2009.


Congratulations to both of you!


New pictures on Carmen, Estrella and Matador.