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Flamenco litter 2008


Sire           IC Calypso de la Mer de Marmara              TUA w 62               Pedigree

Queen      S*Lönnebergas Corvair Sebring Spyder   TUA gs 09              Pedigree


Date         9 October 2008                                                                              Pedigree


Señor Matador Blacksmoke TUA ns Male Stays with us!
Antonio Gades Blacksilverspotted
TUA ns 09 24 Male Moved
Carmen Amaya White oddeye TUA w 63 Female Moved
Estrella Morente White blueeyed TUA w 61 Female Moved
Camaron de la Isla Creme smoke TUA es Male Moved
Señorita Flortia White oddeyed TUA w 63 Female Moved


Matador taking over the house!


16 weeks old and soon to leave home.

A last sip of milk and a cuddle


Carmen, Estrella, Camaron and Matador




Estrella, Matador and Carmen after Camaron has moved


Estrella and Carmen before we leave for the airport


15 weeks old so full of adventure.

Here is Estrella and Carmen playing with water.

Estrella and Carmen klimbing high in the cat tree


Carmen and matador



Camaron with a leaf


14 weeks old with good apetite. Eating a lot!

Carmen, Estrella and Matador have started to

grow nice "ear-fluff" behind their ears.

It looks like feathers.






The two brothers Matador and Camaron





Carmen and Matador


Sisters Estrella to the left and Carmen to the right


4 kittens left all trying to get a refill between the jumps and play. Now 13 weeks old.





Camaron flying high



           Carmen                                          Estrella




12 weeks old playing, fighting, sleeping little darling angels





Estrella and Antonio fighting over the feather while Carmen rests


Florita and Camaron wondering where the waters goes?




All asleep in a warm big bunch




11 weeks old and soon big enough to move to their new homes. Antonio and Florita willl leave on new years day. Matador and Camaron are still available.







Florita, Carmen and brother Matador



Antonio, Camaron and Matador


Camaron, Florita, Estrella, Antonio, Matador and Carmen



10 weeks old and tearing the house apart! What they can do with a bookshelf full of books during one nigth ...




Florita with brothers Matador and Camaron taking a break between all adventures.



           The book is mine! No, its mine!


Carmen to the right and Flortita to the left


           Matador and Camaron - little angels!


Now 9 weeks old. All weighing over 1.1 kg, healthy and growing.

Matador with sisters Estrella and Florita





Chasing after feathers. From left Florita, Matador, Estrella, Antonio and Camaron at the back.



          Antonio and Camaron on top of Matador

               in the cat tree



                     Florita flying high



          Camaron and Matador, 8½ weeks old,

             and still available








      Florita, Estrella, Camaron and Matador


8 weeks old and still snuggling with mom but only a few at the time and only when Bizzy alows it

The whole gang relaxing after food and play





Camaron and Estrella


Camaron playing with Carmen and Estrella waiting to jump in.



Florita, Estrella and Carmen. 7 weeks old

Matador and Camaron

Tired after all the fun. Sleeping together, warm and cozy.







Florita, Estrella, Antonio, Matador, Carmen and Camaron





6 weeks old





All white, all girls, different eyes!







5 weeks old, eating cat food, using the litter box and having great fun!








Now 4 weeks old, exploring the world outside their box.

Above: Florita, Matador and Antonio.





First playing then eating and finaly some sleep. A kittens day is full!


Matador, Camaron and sister Florita


Camaron, Carmen and Florita




The kittens are now 2½ weeks old. They have started to play with each other.


Antonio and Camaron

Antonio and Florita



Antonio and Camaron playing


2 weeks old

The kittens have started playing with each other and is walking around in the box under our daughters bed. They have a healthy appetite and are growing perfect.


1½ week old. Sleeping and eating most of the time.


One week old

The Boys!





Newly born 



IC Calypso de la Mer de Marmara

white green eyes


Lönnebergas Corvair Sebring Spyder

Bluesilver tortie with white













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