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Flamenco litter 2008                                   Moved


Carmen Amaya           white oddeye         TUA w 63                        Pedigree


Carmen Amaya was the third kitten to be born, but the first girl! She was all white but for a thumbprint of blue on top of her head. So her white is covering blue genes.


Carmen has gotten her name from a world famouse flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya, also called the Queen of the gypsies. She was one of the first female dancer to dance in trousers with strong zapateado, stamping.


Carmen has move to New Zeeland together with her sister Estrella. At the cattery VonImp they will be the first breeding cats of Turkish Angora on New Zeeland. The trip went very well and the girls arrived in good conditions without any problems at all. A relief for everyone.


Congratulations to Carmen. During easter 2009 she participated in a show in New Zeeland. She won three times "Best in Show Longhair Kitten", once "Best in Show All-breed Kitten" and twice runner-up "Best in Show All-breed Kitten"!!! Star quality!


Carmen is now expecting babies with CH (N) Veslegard's Feyazz. The babies are due to november!


Carmen on her favourite spot - ontop of the aquqrium!


Carmen in her new home at Von Imps cattery.



Carmen settling in at her new home on the other side of the earth at cattery Von Imp.




Carmen with her sister Estrella in the beautiful garden.

Looking at the hen wanting to play .....


Carmen 17 weeks and so beautiful!





Carmen 15 weeks

Water is so much fun!

Relaxing in my daughters knee


With EStrella in the cat tree





14 weeks old

First food



Then a good wash


just soooo sweet





with sister Estrella


Carmen 13 weeks old










relaxing with brother Camaron





Carmen and Florita 12 weeks old










playing the small piano with sister Estrella


laying ontop of brother Antonio



getting a good wash by Bizzy


Carmen, 11 weeks old, taking care of her soft white coat






Carmen at the back with sister Florita and

brother Camaron in the front




Carmen and Estrella



Carmen 10 weeks old playing on the kitchen floor





With brother Antonio



Carmen to the left and Florita to the right





Carmen 9 weeks old playing with brother Matador







   The blue thumbprint on Carmens forhead is now 
   baerly visible. Soon she will be all snowy white








    Dont be such a bore! Wake up brother Antonio!


Carmen 8 weeks old



Carmen and Matador


Carmen at the left



Carmen in the middle at the right


Carmen and Antonio, now 7 weeks old





Florita, Etsrella and Carmen




Carmen and Estrella


Carmen 6 weeks old




with sister Florita and Estrella at the back

and brother Matador




Carmen 5 weeks old








Carmen using the litterbox under the supervision of Florita




Opposite colours! Carmen at the back and sister Florita both oddeyed.



Carmen 4 weeks old with brother Antonio sneaking in the back ....





.... before they start to play!









Carmen 3 weeks old



Carmen and Camaron



Carmen 2½ weeks old



2 weeks old




 Carmen to the right with sister Estrella to the left



1½ week old



Our white girl is most probably an oddeye, one blue and one green eye



The flash is reflecting red in the blue eye







One week old, sleeping in my daugthers hand with one of her sisters.


Three days old


Two days old


Newly born


Señor Matador      Antonio Gades        Estrella Morente


              Camaron de la Isla      Señorita Florita


                       All photos: Margareta Wallentén








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