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Antonio Gades       Black silver spotted/white       TUA ns 09 24        Pedigree


Antonio is a very sweet little male kitten. He is allways satisfied, never complains when we are cuddling with him. Antonio is black with white spotted tabby patern on his tummy. He is clearly showing that he is also a smoke, ie a black silver.


Our Antonio is named after a world famouse flamenco dancer and choreografer, Antonio Gades. See him dance a Farruca from the movie Carmen.


Antonio has now moved to his new family Norrman in Stockholm. He lives there together with a neutered male Turkish Van namned Trolle and is now listning to the name Sigge.



Sigge in his new home with Trolle, a 12 year old TUV, looking out over the rooftops in Stockhom.


Antonio playing with his brothers and sisters





with his brother matador (still available)






Our darling boy Antonio, here 11 weeks, will be the first to move on new years day. We whish him a good new life at the Norrman house together with Trolle, a 12 year old TUV.





     ..... sweet dreams!





  Antonio, 10 weeks old, exploring the jungle ....





           .... or chasing after mice .....



      ... getting tired after all activities ...








       ... dreaming sweet dreams on our daughters knee!


Antonio 9 weeks old looking at the homepage at my computer



          With brother Matador in the cat tree


          Jungle cats! Antonio and Florita 





Antonio 8 weeks old hunting among the plower pots















Allways so cuddly and cozy, purring like a jet engine


Antonio 7 weeks old



Antonio with his sister Florita and brother Matador


Playing with Matador



Antonio 6 weeks old



Antonio with brother Camaton and sister Florita






and here with sister Carmen and Camaron






Antonio 5 weeks old enjoying the taste of kitten food.








Playing with his sister Carmen and brother Matador.



Antonio 4 weeks old playing with his sister Carmen.










3 weeks old





Antonio and Camaron


Antonio, now 2½ weeks. He is the most photogenic of the kittens! Allways looking cuddly and sweet.





2 weeks old. Eyes fully open.

Antonio profile, gentle slope






1½ week old - Just starting to open his eyes



Antonio sleeping in our daughters hands





1 week old






3 days old




Newly born. Just a minute old. Born as no 2 in the litter. Weight 100 g. 


Carmen Amaya      Camaron de la Isla      Señorita Florita    


             Estrella Morente            Señor Matador


                             All photos Margareta Wallentén








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