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Flamenco litter 2008                                        Sold


Señorita Florita         white oddeye                TUA w 63                                    Pedigree


Señorita Florita was the last of the kittens. Born just before midnight a few seconds after Camaron. She is also completly white. No coloured thumprint, just white. She is the smallest in the litter but what a fighter. Now when she has started eating catfood she is gaining on the others.


Señorita Florita - our little flower!


Florita has moved her new family Christersson in Malmö. So far she has settled in fine in her new family together with two abysinian cats.


12 weeks old and enjoying the afternoon sun



Good morning


with sister Estrella





         Florita 11 weeks old. Soon leaving home ...



                     Good Morning!


Florita with sister Estrella


Carmen, Florita, Camaron and Estrella


Florita 10 weeks old getting a good wash from Bizzy



Florita loves looking at the TV. This time Flying Dragon from Afgahnistan. A wonderful book and an excellent movie!






Taking a rest with brother Camaron

in our daughters knee


               Florita 9 weeks old




             flying high



                With sister Carmen in the cat tree.
                     Amazing eye colours!





 Florita at the back with brother Matador and
          sister Estrella


Florita 8 weeks old with fluffy hair behind her ears. 'So cute.





              Florita giving Camaron a fight



     Florita to the left with sister Estrella to the right


Florita with her beautiful eyes



Florita 7 weeks old




her right eye is blue, just like the sky!




fighting with brother Matador



Estrella in the front and Carmen at the back. Florita in the middle.



Florita 6 weeks old


with her brothers Camaron and Matador


with brother Matador


Florita 5 weeks old, contrasting colours


Her right eye is blue! What colour her left eye will get is still written in the stars: yellow, green, amber? Time will tell.



Florita in front of sister Carmen, opposite colours!





                    Playing with sister Carmen


Florita 4 weeks old exploring the world with her brothers Matador and Antonio




playing with Camaron







Florita 3 weeks old and tired







Florita 2½ weeks old




2 weeks old

Profile, gentle slope





         with her brother Camaron




1½ week old. One eye blue, reflecting the flash, and one eye green. Florita is wearing red nailpolish to be different from Estrella.



5 days old


Three days old, Florita sleeping to the right.


3 days old. Sleeping under her sister Carmen.



Señor Matador         Antonio Gades        Carmen Amaya


            Estrella Morente              Camaron de la Isla


                     All photos: Margareta Wallentén








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