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Flamenco litter 2008                            Moved


Camaron de la Isla                               Creme silver               TUA es                             Pedigree


Camaron de la Isla is the creme male. He was born as no 5, just a few seconds before his sister Florita. He has a good apetite, allways fighting for the nippels. He was the first to open his eyes already after 6 days. He is the most curious of the kittens, purring when he looks at you - just being charming!


For some time I have been wondering if camaron is also a silver, not only creme. And last week when giving the kittens a bath it struck me he is definetly a sliver. His hair is all white next to the body with colour showing at the tip if the strands. All three boys silver! Amazing.


Cameron is namned after a world famouse flamenco gipsy singer José Monje Cruz. José was blond and fair skinned and therefore nicknamed Camaron de la Isla ie the Shrimp from the Island. He toured the world together with Paco de Lucia. Hear them perfome.


Camaron has moved to his new home with our good friends the Wallströms in Höör. He will most probably be called Leo,the nickname we gave him here. He is now getting settled in with their houscat Markisen.


16 weeks old waiting for a ride to Höör.


Are they coming already?


Camaron, 15 weeks old, trying to kill my cap decorated with cats. All his whiskers are chewed upon by the other cats. Hope they will grow out when he gets by himself.





Playing with a leaf - for hours!




Finally relaxing in my knee




Camaron 14 weeks old being such a sweet purring

cat just loving to sleep in your knee


or in the sofa

sooooooo relaxed




with brother Matador


Camaron, 13 weeks old, chasing after just everything






.... sweet dreams!


Jumping around with brother Matador


Camaron 12 weeks old enjoying the warmth from the radiator




flying high




cuddling with mom





Camaron, 11 weeks old.





with his sisters Carmen, Florita and Estrella


So nice and cuddley


Camaron 10 weeks old - a real fighter that loves chasing my feet!



Innocent angels - Camaron and sister Florita








                      Camaron 9 weeks old 





             Prince Charming?



      Flying high showing his silvery, shaded stomack





Camaron 8 weeks old






       Chasing after Estrella







Camaron 7 weeks old




Slepping next to Florita


with sister Carmen



Camaron 6 weeks old relaxing in the sun




with brother Antonio


Camaron 5 weeks old







Chasing his brother Antonio




Camaron 4 weeks old playing with his sister Estrella






Camaron and Matador sneaking upon one of their sisters.






Camaron 3 weeks old and very curious on the world.




Camaron and sister Carmen





Camaron 2½ weeks old



2 weeks old

Strong legs to hold him up when he walks






Playing with his feet


Profile with gentle slope





1½ weeks old









My legs are getting stronger. Now I can almost lift my tummy!


Hello world, 1 week old




Cuddling with Mom, 6 days old



Three days old



Newly born


Antonia Gades        Carmen Amaya         Estrella Morente


                  Señorita Florita         Señor Matador


                           All photos: Margareta Wallentén










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