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Flamenco litter 2008                                              Stays with us!


Señor Matador               Black smoke                   TUA ns                           Pedigree


Señor Matador came first, all black. No white or anything - just black. He was in a hurry and arrived after just one hours labour. He ist the biggest kitten and the strongest. When he is hungry the other kittens are just pushed aside from the nipples. I am hungry he says.


But after a few days he started to show that he is a black smoke, ie black silver. White at the base of the hair. It will be exiting to see how light in colour he will get. His half-sister Black Magic in the Colour litter was much darker than Matador while being a kitten. Now she is a beautiful black smoke. See pictures of her under Colour Litter 2007.


Matador was given his name Señor Matador because it rimes. Also bullfighting and flamenco has a long common history. The matador often inspires the flamenco dancer to new moves.


Matador will stay with us. We have gotten attached to each other.


Matador is available for stud service. Please contact me if you are interested.








We have spent a wonderful summer in our summer house close to Hörby. All the cats have been able to roam around outside having a great time.


Zorro even managed to get a mouse even if he was on a leach.


Now we are waiting to see if anyone is interesting to us him as stud. That would be very nice.



Matador, aka Zorro, celebrating midsummer 2009 in our garden. He is very good with the leach and loves taking long walks with our daugther.




Matador is now called Zorro by us.

He is 5 months old and almost as big

as his mother Bizzy.







Matador and Camaron, 16 weeks old



With sister Estrella



Soooooo silver


Matador 15 weeks old

presenting his beautiful silver chest


Matador 14 weeks old purring in my daughters arms

soooooo silver


Why did you wake me up?????

I just want to sleep!


Matador 13 weeks old

getting lighter in colour every day





The remaining kittens Matador, Carmen, Camaron and Estrella


12 weeks old playing hide and seek under my leg



eating lunch with sister Carmen


taking a nap with our norweigan forrest cat Atsrix


presenting his beautiful silver reflexion


Matador 11 weeks old







With brothers Antonio and Camaron


Matador, Florita, Carmen, Camaron, Estrella and Antonio


Matador 10 weeks old





      .... dont you dare take my toy!





                       with brother Camaron



Matador 9 weeks old






 with sister Estrella in the cat tree


 playing with sister Carmen






 you never know what might come flying .......







Matador and Camaron, 8½ weeks old,

and still available




            Matador 8 weeks old     









          Matador is a beautiful silver with the softest furr

                               just like silk



          our little teddy bear









        taking a break with Antonio and the rest of the gang


Matador 7 weeks old


with small sharp teeth


cleaning Antonios ears






All bothers and sisters


Matador 6 weeks okd


Black and white with sister Florita



with brother Camaron and sister Florita


Matador 5 weeks old and sweet as a teddy bear!









Playing with his sisters








                     Good boy!





Matador 4 weeks old playing with his brother Antonio











Matador 3 weeks old


Matador with brother Camaron




Matador 2½ weeks old







2 weeks old


The silver is now showing on his neck as well.



1½ week old starting to open his eyes



Matador with clear signes of silver on his legs and belly









1 week old


Sleeping between his sisters




Five days old



Newly born. Just a few seconds old. Weight 110 g. 


Antonio Gades      Carmen Amaya         Estrella Morente


            Camaron de la Isla        Señorita Florita


                  All photos: Margareta Wallentén








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